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We have uploaded a product list, this is an on off feature as new products come in and prices change.

We now have a refill station for Washing up liquid, Laundry Liquid, Fabric Conditioner and All purpose cleaner.
So you can bring in your old bottle for a refill - save money save plastic. More to follow.

Prices are still up or down, the bad news is that Pine nuts have increased. The reason given is 'market forces' and this after they have had price drops from their last high prices. Australian sultanas have also increased but Pears have come down in price.


Brazils have gone up in price to us again, but we have decided that another huge jump is one to far so we have capped it at the exsisting price. [This has also affected our Special Muesli which we have had to increase this week, 15th August 2017],See the rest of the article below about Brazils. Big Oz cereal puffs which we reported were out of stock for some time have now started to arrive back on our shelves.

Brazils - How much!!!

thumb brazil nutsA poor flowering season followed by a lack of rain has led to a dramatic drop in supply. The UK cupboard is practically empty with inventories already short from last season and no sign of relief from the new crop. Prices are at a record high, exacerbated by rising UK domestic demand.

As you probably know the nuts, which grow wild in the Amazonian jungle, are collected by indigenous peoples in remote communities, and transported by river to central cracking points for processing and packing. The hub of the industry is in Riberalta, Bolivia. This town has a population of approximately 100,000 people who live solely off the trade. During collection season, entire families move into the jungle to collect in-shell material. Even the schools close as teachers get paid more for Brazil nut processing than they do for market report teaching. Under Bolivia’s socialist government, land re-distribution means that everyone has the right to a certain area to exploit.
It is a very sustainable way to preserve the rainforest. Brazil nut collection reduces the temptation to cut down trees to run cattle. With regard to the processing factories, many people work there preparing the kernels for export to our markets. Urkupiña, the largest processor employs 3000 people at peak season in his cracking room alone. With a significant crop reduction there will be less work and income for thousands of people. So while you are shopping around to find a shop who hasn’t put their price up yet, spare a thought for the people


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