Daily Bread has provided refills for Household and Body care products for several years.

We have now a new FOOD refill station in our shop with 20 products to start with.
The list of what we offer is below

The products that can be refilled are below.




You can refill into any size container for Cleaning and Body Care as long as that size is known so you can be charged correctly.

Refill Chart.

Refill - Food Pence per 100g
Porridge oats Organic 22p
Jumbo oats Organic 22p
Sunflower seeds Organic 49p
Pumpkin seeds Organic 98p
Red lentils Organic 34p
Chia Seeds 83p
Cous Cous Organic 50p
White Basmati Rice Organic 49p
Brown Basmati Rice Organic 49p
Long Grain Rice Organic 29p
Barley Flakes Organic 17p
Wheat Flakes Organic 17p
Green lentils Organic 41p
Quinoa Organic 58p
Penne Pasta wholemeal Organic 23p
Penne Pasta white Organic 23p
Hemp Seeds Organic 66p
Sesame Seeds Organic 69p
DBC Special Muesli 31p
Crunchy Muesli 47p


Refill Prices - Cleaning





All Surface Multi Clean






Cream Cleanser






White Vinegar






Fabric Conditioner






Glass & mirror Cleaner

Bio D





Home & Garden Sanitiser

Bio D





Laundry Liquid






Delicate / Hand wash Laundry






Toilet Cleaner






Washing Up liquid







Refill Prices - Body Care 300ml 400ml 500ml 1lt
Hand Wash Lavender & Geranium       Faith £2.79 £3.72 £4.65 £9.30
Hair Conditioner Lavender & Geranium Faith £2.79 £3.72 £4.65 £9.30
Hair Shampoo Lavender & Geranium Faith £2.79 £3.72 £4.65 £9.30
Shower Gel/Foam Bath Lavender & Geranium Faith £2.79 £3.72 £4.65 £9.30
Alter/native - Clear & Simple Body Wash Suma £2.69 £3.59 £4.49 £8.98
Alter/native - Clear & Simple Shampoo Suma


£3.64 £4.55 £9.10
Alter/native - Clear & Simple Conditioner Suma £2.73 £3.64 £4.55 £9.10
Hand Wash – unfragranced Anti Bacterial Bio D £1.80 £2.40 £3.00 £6.00
Hand Wash – English Rose Sesi £1.80 £2.40 £3.00 £6.00



Theresoap.jpg is also various unwrapped soaps that we sell

SESI is a social enterprise based in Oxfordshire, which supplies sustainable detergents and refill stations to help people reduce their packaging waste and the need to recycle, with the aim of promoting a circular economy.

Established in 2006, they, with the help of our partners and customers, have refilled more than 100,000 plastic bottles. As a social enterprise, they re-inject funds into broadening their product list and branching out to create new partnerships and Refill Stations. Their focus is not profit, it’s to do good.

Suma is a Wholesale Workers Co-operative and their products are under the brand Ecoleaf and Alter/Native
We also sell many Eco products such as Ecoleaf toilet rolls which are now in a paper wrap.

Is this the beginning....? We will be looking at Olive Oil, and Oat milk refills!

Products prices and availability are subject to change without notice.


The Bridge Organic Oat Drinks
The Bridge Oat Drink Barista

The Bridge Oat Drink 1ltThe Bridge Organic Oat Drink 1lt - Calcium

Oatly & Blackstone investment

There have been highlighted issues with  Blackstone investment in Oatly Drinks. Please read our present position on this subject..
Update July 2021 - it appears that Oatley is suing Glebe Farm for trademark infringement. This is another reason that strengthens our decision to not stock their products as in our view it is completely without merit and unnecessary.

Update Aug 5th, 2021 - After the court case of Oatly against Glebe Farm, we are pleased to inform you that Glebe Farm has won.

Delivery Charges

We have unfortunately had to increase our delivery charges to £7.05 due to increased costs to us. Delivery within the Northampton area prices has not changed.

We don't make a profit on delivery costs and in most cases, we have absorbed extra costs we may incur. We do not hide delivery costs in the costs of the goods.

Our full charges are listed here.

We have attempted to give true out of stocks whenever possible,  however, be aware this information may not be accurate as products are sold in the shop and therefore we may not be able to supply all the products you require.

If there is a specific product you require please check before making a long journey as the stock levels on the website will not be up to date. You can contact us by telephone (01604) 621531

We will attempt to have all the products you have ordered ready for collection or delivery.

Any products we cannot supply we will refund the value of those back to you as quickly as possible.

In some instances we may send a substitute please indicate if you do not want this.

For orders on 'Click and Collect' we will text or ring you when the order is ready.


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