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Italian Roll upsJune seems to a month of celebratory and social “get togethers” when it comes to National Food Days. We have The Big Lunch (3rd June), National Picnic Week (15-24th June), The Great Get Together (22-24th June) and even a National Cream Tea Day (29th June) and World Gin Day (9th June), if you’re feeling very social!

So, what is it about the month of June that brings all of these wonderful celebrations together around the same time? I reckon it’s a lot to do with the weather. The sun comes out, the picnic blankets are given a good shake and the outdoor furniture and soft furnishings are given a thorough dusting, all ready for us to bask in the emerging summer sun with good food and high spirits.

It’s great that there are these wonderful initiatives to bring families and communities together and its really worth considering all the positives for sitting down and eating together. There are many studies that show that those who sit down together regularly for meal times, have better communication skills, they are less likely to have weight issues, their diets and nutrition are more diverse, and they have stronger relationships.

There are many associations that work towards socialising individuals who for whatever reason find themselves quite isolated. Contact The Elderly are a charity who work hard at getting tea parties organised for care, conversation and a cuppa, giving older adults on their own a chance to get together with others. This is such a great initiative that provides support for the elderly and enriches lives.

The Big Lunch was launched as a National Lottery Initiative to try and get communities socialising. Research has shown that families in the same street feel happier, more supported and in touch with their neighbours after these events. This provides security, reassurance and friendship in streets and a great community spirit.

As families, eating together can reduce the incidence of depression and low moods and also provides great self-esteem in younger children, as they grow and develop their language skills. It also allows parent relationships to stay strong and a family to stay united.

As work colleagues, eating together (whether at lunch or break time or socialising after work) is a great way to solidify relationships and provides a platform for a greater understanding of the individuals we work with. It allows time out, to relax and studies show that performance is increased and general attitudes to be more positive and a happier work place is produced.

So, with all of these great benefits, embrace the month of June. Give yourself opportunity to get out in the warmer weather and the chance to enjoy the company of those around you. Think about those in isolation, the less family rich and the friends who are going through hard times. Break bread together and enjoy the healthy and positive wellbeing it brings to us all.

Some recipes are below.
thumb DBApricotbarssmSocca with Mediterranean Crust




Socca with Mediterranean Crust

Italian Roll Ups

No-Cook Apricot and Chocolate Chip Picnic Bars



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