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PeaPestoPastaWe have a rather new celebration to add to our diaries this month. July welcomes the third Great British Pea Week from the 9-15th July 2018 and it’s an acknowledgement of this great little vegetable that we all love.

Whether you’re a meat eater, vegetarian, vegan, coeliac, trying to lose weight or improve your health in general, it’s quite likely that peas are on your menu. But as you easily and quickly boil up some water for this simple, sweet vegetable to add to your meal, do you ever stop and ponder over the work that takes places to get those little pods to your freezer?

On average, everyone in Britain eats around 9,000 peas a year. That’s a lot of peas! If you consider that the pea season is only 6-8 weeks long and the UK pride themselves with picking and freezing each pea within 150 minutes, have you ever given any thought to the huge undertaking our farmers perform each year at that time?

The UK have around 700 pea producers that work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, harvesting, shelling and transporting the peas to be frozen as quickly as possible, in order to keep as many nutrients in them as possible. A lot of us already know that the good old British pea is one of the freshest vegetables available to us, even more so than the other unfrozen vegetables out there that spend days being harvested, stored and transported to our shops...and that’s before they languish in our fridge for a bit longer whilst we think about what to do with them!

Frozen peas are good. They require no cutting, chopping or preparing, they don’t lose nutrients as they happily sit in the freezer and they contain of wealth of vitamins and minerals to improve our health.
• This includes: Vitamin C, Vitamin A, folate, thiamine, iron and phosphorus.
• They are also rich in protein, low in fat and are a source of carbohydrate.
• They also taste pretty great!

We have added some new recipes to The Daily Bread Website that can help us celebrate British Pea Week. They use the wonderful dried herbs, nuts and pastas that are great store cupboard ingredients and they will make it easy to create a meal from scratch, without needing to pop out for anything extra.

So, give our peas a little pat on the back this July and consider just how lucky we are. We have an exceptional choice of ingredients available to us, from committed producers who love their work and we have the tools to be well nourished and content. So, don’t worry, “pea” happy

Pea and herb OmelettePea Herb Omelette

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