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We have a problem here at Daily Bread Co-operative... Some of the workers just love getting HIGH!

They are causing havoc in the store; It seems they are now incapable of walking, they must 'skip' from A to B. They spend many hours laughing and joking, and they are trying their hardest to push this new found 'drug' onto the other staff members.  No, I am not talking about an illegal substance here. The drug in question is raw and natural. It is the wonder bean... CACAO!! 
Sharon, Jane and Myself have become so taken in by this powerful, exhilarating food that it is all we talk about and all we want to eat. Yum Yum, we cant get enough!

After seeing how much this little tiny bean has been affecting us, the Members decided that it was time we were sent away, we needed help. Thankfully, they didn't think we needed rehab just yet, and so instead sent us on a day course at the lovely Peace Ravenwoods house to learn more about the art of making, tasting and loving (like we needed any more encouragement!?)  Raw Chocolate. 


The course consisted of drinking a lot of scrummy chocolate elixirs, trying out new flavours, experimenting with colour (we made a 'white' chocolate base using cacao butter and crushed cashew nuts, and then added different powders like beetroot for pink, spirulina for green and my favourite spice, turmeric, for yellow.) We also learnt the art of tempering, this is a process in which the chocolate is heated, cooled and then heated again so that the texture gives a snap and there is a lovely, radiant shine on top...we all felt very professional and like real raw chocolatiers.


Let me tell you why this little bean has transformed me into a cacao junkie...

Growing up here in England, chocolate has always been a part of my life. My Saturday pocket money was always spent in the village shop where my Grandma lived, on sweets, Parma Violets for her, some pick-and-mix for me, and the last 50p was saved for a delicious Dairy Milk which I savoured and sucked whilst watching Robin Hood. Man, how I loved those mornings and that little piece of chocolate heaven.  This small but sweet addiction carried on for years, Saturday was chocolate day and I waited all week for it.  
My relationship with chocolate changed when I was in my teenage years. I, like many other young girls became worried about my weight and this in turn turned my favourite thing in the world into something to feel guilty about. Yes, I would still munch down on a bar every now and again, but it just wasn't the same as before. I didn't feel excited and savour it, I ate it fast and furiously and then felt sad about it afterwards.  I am sure that many of you will have had the same relationship with chocolate as I have described, and isn't that sad? How we feel shame and guilty about something that gives us so much pleasure! 

It wasn't really until earlier this year that I stopped this dirty, guilty feeling about chocolate and I let my choccie love shine again.  It was a sample bar of Raw Chocolate. It found its way onto my desk at Daily Bread with my name written on the front.  It screamed'EAT ME JESS, EAT ME!!' and so I did. I plunged my teeth into that soft, luxurious bar and I FELL IN LOVE. I WAS HOOKED. 

I started to feel alive and awake and alert. My brain and eyes started to tingle. My soul and heart were swelling with a new sensation. I didn't know what was happening to me! Was this some kind of voodoo?! Could this really be JUST chocolate in its most simplest, natural form?!  Whoa, I was blown away. I felt I needed to do some research into this feeling, into this food, and to find out if these effects were normal, or was it just me being a 'wierdo'...  This is what I found out.

Raw Chocolate hasn't been massed produced at high temperatures and therefore all the anti-oxidents, enzymes and nutrients remain intact.

Conventional chocolate is crammed full with artificial flavourings, sugars, saturated fats, all leading to a vast arry of health problems and addictions to varing degrees.. raw chocolate is simple. Cacao butter, Cacao powder, a sweetner. That is all you need, (you can add more stuff if you wish, like other superfoods).

It is natures gift to mankind. If you are feeling low it picks you up. Combined with Maca, you couldn't get a better natural high.. And its good for you! Magnesium, Protein, Iron, Potassium... Its a rich, vibrant food that we have been blessed with to enjoy and to use to elevate both our bodies and spirits. 
For myself, it is the greatest food source on the planet.  I. Love. It.

Not only do I eat the stuff, I also love mixing the cacao powder with a splash of water and putting it on my face! My skin feels so vitalized and as soft as a button after one of these home made masks... give it a go!  I'm going to try and make clothes next ;)   joking of course

Choc face


We have loads of different branded raw chocolate bars in the shop at Northampton, we also have all the raw ingredients, like cacao butter, powder and various sweeteners for you to use to create your own bars of magic!   


Sharon and Jane will be hosting a Luxury raw chocolate demo on the 6th December, so come along and get inspired...And if any of you lovely people have any raw choc recipes and would like them to be published on here then please get in touch (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)   

Spread the Love people, Cacao is the food that will lighten the world!


Jess xxx

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