Food For Thought During Vegetarian Week

national veggie weekWith Veggie Week looming it’s worth taking a moment and thinking about all the positive aspects of being a Vegetarian and celebrating the meat-free life that many of us follow.

Provided you are following a well-planned and well-balanced diet, Vegetarians are known to have a higher consumption of fibre, folic acid, Vitamins C and E and many phytochemicals (which are the wonderful, highly beneficial nutrients found in plants). They are also found to have lower cholesterol as they consume lower levels of saturated fat, also resulting in lower blood pressure and a reduced risk of heart disease. All sounds pretty good, right?
Life is so precious, animal and human, and there are many who decide that their own life shouldn’t depend on the demise of another; this decision is one that more and more people make nowadays and this is leading to so many other benefits too.

How about education? Vegetarians (and Vegans) are likely to be much more aware of their bodily requirements when it comes to nutrition.

They understand the need to choose good proteins required for growth, repair and energy. They choose a variety of different coloured fruits and vegetables to get as many different vitamins and minerals from their diets as possible. They understand the importance of gut health and have diets rich in fibre. They are interested in eating well and embrace all the foods they choose to eat. How about animal welfare? Even though there are huge numbers of meat eaters and producers worldwide, vegetarians and vegans highlight the issue with how animals are kept and treated. Are they slaughtered humanely and are they respected? With a growing population of Vegetarians, meat producing companies are forced to consider their actions more and more.

And how about the environment? Emissions, water, land, disease and toxins…this could be a long blog and maybe one for another time! How about just considering the number of meadows that could be set aside to return to their natural state? If you are wondering whether a single decision to follow a vegetarian diet could actually make much of an impact on animal welfare and the environment in the future, think again. This growing community will always provoke and nurture positive change to our world and each person who chooses this path will just add more weight. So, take a moment during Vegetarian Week; consider your diet, the choices you make and the life you live and then think…what if I lived meat-free?


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